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Bonfires and Wood Burning Stoves

Bonfires and Wood Burning Stoves

During the pandemic it is essential that people are able to enjoy their homes and gardens. In particular, vulnerable people suffering from serious illness are particularly reliant on their gardens to go for a bit of fresh air and need to open their windows for ventilation.  It is imperative they can do so in safety and comfort, and that those with respiratory conditions do not have their conditions affected by excessive smoke.

The Council is asking that residents are good neighbours, and do not light bonfires. Although there are no specific restrictions on burning waste, if it is found to affect people's enjoyment of their homes it can be construed a "statutory nuisance", and the Council can take action. More information can be found on our Smoke or Bonfires Problems page.

You can find out more about how to deal with garden waste.

The increased use of unsuitable fuels in wood burning stoves is also causing similar problems for people.  If you have a wood burning stove please make sure you only use fuels that are approved and do not give off smoke or odour.  In particular do not burn wet or green wood, household waste of any kind or any treated wood products in your stove.  Use only smokeless fuel or well seasoned, dry wood.

If you have any questions about bonfires or wood burning stoves, or wish to complain about someone lighting them, please email