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Community Empowerment Fund

Community Empowerment Fund

Clackmannanshire Council welcomes applications to the Community Empowerment Fund 2020/21 which supports communities to take advantage of the provisions of the Community Empowerment Act and enable community groups to influence and improve the provision of community-led services and activities. 

Local community groups can apply for a grant for

  • improvements to community-owned building and land and
  • improvements to surplus former council leisure or community facilities to facilitate community asset transfer.

What kind of projects will the grant fund and who can apply?

All grants are for capital projects and all have a maximum grant of £10,000.  Eligibility and match funding requirements are set out below:

Category Improvements to building and land Community led action
Eligible applicants Any local constituted group which owns land or buldings (or has a long term lease) Any local constituted group which has a lease on surplus Council leisure or community facilities
Maximum grant Up to £10,000

Up to £10,000

Match funding requirement 20% 20%

Eligible projects (both categories)

  • Contribute to the empowerment of local communities to run or own land or local facilities.
  • Improve land to create viable community growing spaces.
  • Support communities to consider community asset transfer of Council-owned land/property.
  • Contribute to the regeneration or development of land to bring it into effective use.
  • Improve existing community buildings to support more social and recreational activities, learning and training, employability or community health.
  • Adapt existing community buildings in the interests of people with special needs because of disability or other equalities reasons.

Applicant eligibility criteria

  • Applications will only be considered from legally constituted not for profit organisations with responsibility for the maintenance and operation of halls, other buildings and facilities and or associated land on behalf of, and for the use by local communities.
  • The applicant must own the building or land which is the subject of the application, or have security of tenure (eg 20 year lease), or, in the case of surplus council property have a legal framework in place.
  • The applicant organisation must provide copies of the previous two years financial accounts.
  • Council services and other public agencies are not eligible to apply to the Community Empowerment Fund.

Project eligibility criteria

  • Any building or land which is the subject of the action must be community owned or subject to a long-term lease or, in the case of surplus council property, have a legal framework in place.
  • The project must have obtained all required planning, building, or other statutory consent prior to submission of the application.
  • The proposed expenditure must meet the definition of qualifying capital expenditure, for instance expenditure on building fabric.
  • The application organisation should provide a minimum of two quotes, addressed to the organisation applying for funding.

Projects which affect Council owned buildings and land which are not leased to local community groups are not eligible.

In addition, all projects should

  • be driven by the needs and aspirations of the community,
  • demonstrate how they assist in meeting the ambitions set out in Clackmannanshire's Local Outcomes Improvement Plan for  tackling poverty and inequality in Clackmannanshire,
  • be located within Clackmannanshire,
  • be unlikely to be able to proceed without this fund,
  • identify contingency measures to ensure that should projects fail in the short, medium or long term any assets are returned to the Community Empowerment Fund to enable support for similar projects in the future.

Projects are not eligible if they

  • are for the advancement of religion or politics or support the core activities of religious or political groups
  • are for organisation running costs such as salaries and overheads
  • are looking for retrospective funding
  • have unsustainable revenue implications
  • have been made on behalf of an ineligible organisation.
  • come into conflict with Council strategies and ongoing Council operations

How much money can groups apply for?

Groups can apply for 80% of the total project cost up to a maximum of £10,000 including any VAT that you need to pay.

You will require to have secured 20% of the total project cost but it is not essential that this is cash funding.  It may be of value in kind.
In kind contributions may count towards funding, at the current Awards for All/Scottish National Heritage rates of up to

  • Unskilled £50 per day
  • Skilled £150 per day
  • Professional £350 per day

What is the deadline for applications?

There is no deadline for applications but you must be able to complete your project before the end of March 2021. Applications will be assessed as they come in on a first come, first served basis.

How do we apply?

Please apply by completing the relevant application form via the links at the top of this page and return by post.

Project applications must be accompanied by all appropriate supporting information. This includes things like your

  • group constitution
  • proof of ownership
  • annual audited accounts
  • designs and quotes
  • letters of permission from the land owner
  • all other appropriate statutory consents

Please provide copies rather than originals, although we reserve the right to request to see originals.

You are welcome to include supplementary information in support of your application such as photographs of the project area and letters of support.

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be evaluated against stated criteria. Please read the guidance information provided before you submit your application. Decisions by the Capital Investment Panel are final.

Before you apply, you are welcome to discuss your project with the staff administering the scheme.  Contact details for the staff who can help you are provided below.

How will the grant be paid?

If your application is successful 75% of the grant will be paid in advance of the project starting. The remainder of the grant will be payable once

  • the project is successfully completed,
  • a short report has been provided detailing how the funding has been spent,
  • if the project is not successfully completed funds may be reclaimed.

What about VAT?

Please note that it is the applicant's responsibility and not the Council's to take VAT into account when preparing costings and claiming payment. The Council will not increase grants in order to cover VAT not identified in the application.

For Further Information Contact

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