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Attendance and Punctuality (Secondary Schools)

Attendance and Punctuality (Secondary Schools)


Clackmannanshire Council works with parents, children and other agencies to ensure that all children enrolled at any of its schools attend regularly.

All pupils are likely to be absent from school at some time. However, persistent poor attendance is disruptive to the individual and to the work of the class and may be an early warning of other difficulties. Where there are genuine reasons for non-attendance, we will work with agencies to ensure that the pupil's education is continued by means other than school attendance.

The Council's overwhelming concern is for the welfare of children. Parents who fail to secure an adequate education for their children, for example, by failing to secure regular attendance are in breach of their statutory duty. Some absences may be condoned or even actively encouraged by parents. This is not acceptable and where this is found to be the case, we will use all powers at its disposal to ensure that children attend school regularly.

The procedures that the Council has put in place are aimed at ensuring the welfare of all its pupils. Parents are asked to help by co-operating with these procedures.

Absence from School

If you know in advance that your child is going to be absent, please notify your child's class teacher/school, in writing or by phoning the school's absence line.

We actively discourage taking children out of school during term-time for family holidays because of the disruption that it causes to the education of individuals and class groups. Schools cannot give parents permission to do this and, except in the most exceptional of circumstances, such absences will be treated as unauthorised.

On the first day of any absence, and before 10am, you should notify the school of your child's absence and where possible, you should indicate how long the absence is expected to be. If your child's absence lasts longer than 5 school days, please inform the school of your child's progress and likely date of return, if known.

If your child is not present in school and the school has received no notification from you regarding the absence by 10am, school staff will contact you using the contact details you have provided to the school. This will be via the automated message system. If the school cannot contact you to confirm the whereabouts of your child, the Headteacher may ask the school's Attendance and Welfare Officer to call at your home or may notify the police.

It is extremely important that you inform the school of any changes in your contact details.

Sometimes children miss school without the knowledge of their parents. Your child's school will regularly check for any unexplained absences and may write to you for an explanation if there are any outstanding absences. In this way, you will be kept informed of any incidences of absence about which you might otherwise be unaware.

Out of school during the school day

From time to time, your child may need to leave school during the school day perhaps for an appointment, because s/he is unwell or because of a family emergency. Where possible, you should try to make dental, medical and other appointments for your child outwith the school day.

If you know in advance that your child will have to be out of school during the day ie. for an appointment, it is helpful if you inform the school in advance. You must also inform the school in writing if you want

  • an adult other than yourself to escort the child or
  • your child to be allowed to leave school unaccompanied.

Schools will not release pupils into the care of anyone who does not have your written authorisation or allow pupils to leave the school during the school day without your expressed permission. This is to protect your child.

Clackmannanshire Council has an arrangement with Police Scotland who has 2 school based police officers between our secondary schools.


All children are likely to be late for school at some time. However, persistent poor timekeeping is disruptive to the individual and the work of the class and may be an early warning of other difficulties.

If your child is late for school, please send a note of explanation with your child or telephone the school. Of course, you may not be aware that your child is late for school - s/he may leave home in adequate time.

You will be kept informed of any incidences of lateness about which you might otherwise be unaware.

Schools' Attendance and Welfare Officer

If your child is regularly absent from or late for school, you may be visited by the Schools Attendance and Welfare Officer or be invited to meet with a member of the schools Senior Management Team to discuss the reasons for absence or late coming and to seek a plan for improvement.

If there is no improvement in attendance a meeting involving parents/carers and professionals involved with the child may be arranged and ultimately a referral may be made to the Scottish Children's Reporters Administration.

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